furniture mould

Jnmould is a professional furniture mould maker. Including the following furniture mould:

Chair furniture mould: Including ordinary PP chair mould, PC chair mould, rattan chair mould. Jnmould can control the gas assistance technology during mould making; Jnmould help customer to solve the issue of chair stacking; Jnmould can find solution to realize changing insert on injection machine.

Table furniture mould: Including integrated table mould, assembled table mould, rectangular table mould, square table mould,  dining table mould, coffee table mould, tea table mould. During design, Jnmould will consider to make the anti-deformation structure to avoid the deformation after injection.

Jnmould supplies the best service to customers for furniture mould. On the basis of customer’s requirement, we make the professional technical solution to get the good design and good structure on furniture mould.

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